Base interface for language model parameters. A subclass of BaseLanguageModel should have a constructor that takes in a parameter that extends this interface.

interface BaseLLMParams {
    cache?: boolean | BaseCache<Generation[]>;
    callbackManager?: CallbackManager;
    callbacks?: CallbackManager | (BaseCallbackHandlerMethodsClass | BaseCallbackHandler)[];
    concurrency?: number;
    maxConcurrency?: number;
    maxRetries?: number;
    metadata?: Record<string, unknown>;
    onFailedAttempt?: FailedAttemptHandler;
    tags?: string[];
    verbose?: boolean;

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cache?: boolean | BaseCache<Generation[]>
callbackManager?: CallbackManager

⚠️ Deprecated ⚠️

Use callbacks instead

This feature is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

It is not recommended for use.

callbacks?: CallbackManager | (BaseCallbackHandlerMethodsClass | BaseCallbackHandler)[]
concurrency?: number


Use maxConcurrency instead

maxConcurrency?: number

The maximum number of concurrent calls that can be made. Defaults to Infinity, which means no limit.

maxRetries?: number

The maximum number of retries that can be made for a single call, with an exponential backoff between each attempt. Defaults to 6.

metadata?: Record<string, unknown>
onFailedAttempt?: FailedAttemptHandler

Custom handler to handle failed attempts. Takes the originally thrown error object as input, and should itself throw an error if the input error is not retryable.

tags?: string[]
verbose?: boolean

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