Interface ConversationalRetrievalQAChainInput

Interface for the input parameters of the ConversationalRetrievalQAChain class.

interface ConversationalRetrievalQAChainInput {
    combineDocumentsChain: BaseChain<ChainValues, ChainValues>;
    questionGeneratorChain: LLMChain<string, any>;
    retriever: BaseRetrieverInterface;
    callbackManager?: any;
    inputKey?: string;
    memory?: any;
    returnGeneratedQuestion?: boolean;
    returnSourceDocuments?: boolean;

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combineDocumentsChain: BaseChain<ChainValues, ChainValues>
questionGeneratorChain: LLMChain<string, any>
retriever: BaseRetrieverInterface
callbackManager?: any

⚠️ Deprecated ⚠️

Use callbacks instead

This feature is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

It is not recommended for use.

inputKey?: string
memory?: any
returnGeneratedQuestion?: boolean
returnSourceDocuments?: boolean

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