Interface for the input parameters of the BaseCallbackHandler class. It allows to specify which types of events should be ignored by the callback handler.

interface LogStreamCallbackHandlerInput {
    autoClose?: boolean;
    excludeNames?: string[];
    excludeTags?: string[];
    excludeTypes?: string[];
    ignoreAgent?: boolean;
    ignoreChain?: boolean;
    ignoreLLM?: boolean;
    ignoreRetriever?: boolean;
    includeNames?: string[];
    includeTags?: string[];
    includeTypes?: string[];

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autoClose?: boolean
excludeNames?: string[]
excludeTags?: string[]
excludeTypes?: string[]
ignoreAgent?: boolean
ignoreChain?: boolean
ignoreLLM?: boolean
ignoreRetriever?: boolean
includeNames?: string[]
includeTags?: string[]
includeTypes?: string[]

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