Class for interacting with the ClickHouse database. It extends the VectorStore class and provides methods for adding vectors and documents, searching for similar vectors, and creating instances from texts or documents.

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FilterType: ClickHouseFilter


  • Method to add vectors to the ClickHouse database.


    • vectors: number[][]

      The vectors to add.

    • documents: Document[]

      The documents associated with the vectors.

    Returns Promise<void>

    Promise that resolves when the vectors have been added.

  • Method to search for vectors that are similar to a given query vector.


    • query: number[]

      The query vector.

    • k: number

      The number of similar vectors to return.

    • Optional filter: ClickHouseFilter

      Optional filter for the search results.

    Returns Promise<[Document, number][]>

    Promise that resolves with an array of tuples, each containing a Document and a score.

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